Mpd not updating

02-Sep-2019 17:08

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Any ideas why MPD only sees a subset of the files on my NAS? I understand that mpc update should cause mpd to delete old entries from db file and create new ones.But no luck from the GMPC FAQ "I've added music to my Music directory, but it doesn't show up in GMPC. You can do this in GMPC by selecting "Update database" in the "Server" menu.The default alright if you don’t plan on importing too many playlists, but if you’re the type of person who imports and exports playlists between devices or from friends, it’s probably better to set this to a directory in You can set the user and group running the MPD server if you’d like.There really isn’t much of a reason to do this on system wide configuration, but if you need to, you can.It will read that directory and any subdirectories, so there is no need to worry about folders for artists or albums getting in the way.When you’re done, it should looks something like this: The above option sets where MPD will look for and save playlists. I'd rather not update mpd as it seems to be working fine. Linux has a ton of options when it comes to media players.

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The first option to pay attention to is probably the most important one, the music directory.

The file that is included with MPD is fairly large and complete as well as well documented.