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It uses no cables at all - giving you more power, flexibility, and freedom in its installation.All you have to do is find the right spot, mount the unit, connect it to the recorder, and you're done.Your cameras include a long-lasting two-cell lithium-ion battery for power.In fact, this is the same kind of battery used to power today's electric cars, laptop computers, and other battery-operated gadgetries.

Welcome to the next generation of home security monitoring.To make sure you don't forget to charge the battery, we will alert you through the Lorex cirrus app when the battery is low.Charging or replacing the battery is easy, as well.This gives you more power and flexibility in deciding where to position the camera.

With its long-distance wireless range, you can use this camera to cover your most distant property lines, such as detached buildings, barns, and open spaces in your property A 2MP (megapixel) image sensor at the core of this wire-free security camera can capture vivid 1080p full HD video.

With a built-in passive infrared (PIR) sensor right below the lens, this intelligent camera will spring into action when motion is detected and will start recording.

The complaint also seeks a court order prohibiting additional publication by the defendant, and to retrieve or destroy all the photos in Seay's possession, Jacobs' Miami-based attorney, Patrick Mc Geehan, told Fox … continue reading »

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