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Wilks’ ideal man is a bodybuilder with High-T and a hard-on. ”It’s all about beating people up, or lifting absurd amounts of weights, or hiking arbitrarily long endurance trails, or being Arnold Schwarzenegger, or beating people up. Then there’s the fact that “The Game Changers” — despite intermittent bursts of energy — is really dull.The movie makes a convincing argument that if you want to become an MMA fighter, an Olympian, or you simply aspire to inflict bodily harm unto others, you might think about cutting meat out of your diet entirely. These are the things you should aspire to, says “The Game Changers.” I guess I’d take “being Arnie,” but I have minimal interest in the rest of it. It’s short, at about 80 or so minutes, full of energetic music and bodybuilding/action montages and juvenile penis discussions, and against those odds it’s still very, very dull. Really, this is a burrito-heavy movie, and as much as I enjoy eating burritos, watching other people eat burritos is a significantly less pleasurable experience.Part of the variation in quality that his recent output includes may be due to the fact that the actor has said he needed to keep busy and accept a lot of film offers as a way to deal with the grief he felt after his wife was killed in a freak ski accident.While not all his films are classics he has produced an impressive number of fine performances.The girl seems to speak her own language and has lives an isolated life not interacting with other people.Neeson plays the town doctor who is called in to figure out how to communicate with the girl. TAKEN (2008) Neeson had one of his most popular and successful films in 2008 with “Taken,” the story of a retired CIA agent named Bryan Mills who is trying to rekindle is relationship with his teenage daughter. His parents, two very posh elderly Brits, were supportive of his passion for fighting, and sent him to karate classes at a young age (his father’s posh pronunciation of “karate” is the funniest and most exciting thing to happen in this 80-or-so minute film), and Wilks grew into a very successful mixed martial artist.Throughout his life, Wilks always adhered to the common assumption that eating meat made a man stronger and more manly. ) athletes, he consumed large quantities of meat with the sole purpose of bulking up and winning fights.

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Neeson plays a Jesuit priest who while trying to convert people to Christianity witnesses the torture and abuse of those who have converted.Also like many athletes, there came a time in Wilks’ professional life when he was injured, unable to play, and left with a lot of time on his hands.