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13-Jul-2019 07:22

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In addition to a huge and largely untapped market, the industry has strong tailwinds, including increasing millennial spending power, longer work hours, and young people delaying marriage.Industry revenue is expected to grow 25% through 2020, according to Evercore ISI. S.; and Tinder, the revolutionary dating app that gave the world the “swipe” and all that came with it.S.-Russia relationships.” The media ate up the jab, but there’s no denying that the news was anything but a joke to Match and the rest of the online dating industry.The Facebook reveal is just the latest bombshell in a business that’s in the midst of more drama than a bad online date.

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After all of this fracas, the Facebook news was, at least, professional, complete with courtesy call.

“I really believe that we are having a profound impact on people’s lives.” When the topic turns to my own relationship status, and I share that I have just split up with my boyfriend of five years, she becomes the first person to actually brighten at hearing the news. The idea that you can go out there now and meet all these interesting people, it’s great.” FOR ALL THE ATTENTION it garners, online dating is not a large industry—total U. revenue last year was .9 billion, according to IBISWorld.