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The Phallometer (2013) - Germany Run Time: 7 min | Director: Tor Iben The phallometric tests were used in the Czech Republic in order to verify the homosexuality of those seeking asylum.

This short will astonish and surprise you as one young man’s sexuality is satirically evaluated.

TRAILER: Click Here Little Vulvah & Her Clitoral Awareness (2013) - Denmark Run Time: 5 min | Director: Sara Koppel In this dreamy & graphic animated short, a girl wakes up aroused by the birds of pleasure as she sets out exploring nature and discovering her own shivering, orgasmic changes as she develops into a young woman.

Run Time: 82 min | Director: Bruce La Bruce Lake (Pier-Gabriel Lajoie), an eighteen-year-old boy, realizes he has an attraction to elderly men.

FOLSOM FOREVER tells the story of how this small street fair grew into the largest outdoor kink and fetish event in the world.

TRAILER: Click Here Grind (2014) - USA Run Time: 32 min | Director: Zachary Halley In this darkly dramatic musical, Vincent (Anthony Rapp) is a guy uncomfortable in his own skin but witty on his favorite hook-up app.

As the night spirals out of control, the girls find love, lust, girl-fights, rock & roll…and a whole lot of stoned sorority members.

— With a cameo by Heather Thomas and original music by Killola.

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Playing It Straight (2013) - USA Run Time: 20 min | Director: Michael Kenney In this comedy, Patrick wakes up to the aftermath of his bachelor party the day before his wedding.Daisy (Lisa Rieffel) and Tyler (Michelle Lombardo) are two hapless punk rockers trying to make it to a Battle of the Bands contest.