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It might be fixed by the statement of Winthrop in his His- tory. The parliament of England setting upon a general reformation, both of church and state . Accordingly the limit has been fixed at 1650, to include all who came before the beginning of that "reformation" which Winthrop counted so significant, and to allow for the full development of the state in its life here and its significance abroad. The names here given are all which have been found in the journals and lists of the colonies, towns, churches and counties of the period, 1620-1650, inclu- sive, as well as those perpetuated in the passenger-lists of that time which have survived to our day. The original words and phrases are quoted generally. ii, 1620, the grand though simple "Compact," model of all our constitutions; they organized Gen- eral Courts, patterns of our legislative bodies; courts of judicature and com- missions for the settlement of minor cases, — "to end small causes," — types of our municipal and justices' courts; they gathered congregational bodies of wor- shippers, embodiments and types of our best, fraternal, religious life; they crys- talized the old Saxon town idea into systematic town meetings; they first subscribed to support schools for their children, then devised the scheme of bearing the burden by general taxation, making schools by the people, for the people. They com- posed and signed, in the cabin of the Mayflower, Nov. These printed books and pa- pers, however, contain only a small minority of the records essential to the making of such a work as Farmer and Savage designed; but they make the difference between an impossible and a practicable undertaking. The present writer conceived, quite a number of years since, the plan of mak- ing a revised edition of Dr. This scheme was revolved and discussed with gentlemen of wide acquaintance with the subject.

The scheme was Titanic; the service rendered was Herculean; the name of Dr. But full success in such a vast under- taking was at that date simply impos- sible; and searchers find at the close of each volume an alarming list of errata, discovered by the author while the print- ers were doing their work; and the roll- ing years have added astonishingly to the list. Savage lived he would have issued a corrected edition, no doubt. T^ A ^^ '»-' ^0 A THE Pioneers of Massachusetts, A DESCRIPTIVE LIST, Drawn from Records of the Colonies, Towns and Churches, and other Contemporaneous Documents. And they and their descendants went forth to settle other parts of the great land, and built the foundation of new states out of granite, quarried from Massachusetts ledges. BY CHARLES HENRY POPE, PASTOR FIRST CHURCH, CHARLESTOWN, BOSTON, COMPILER OF THE DORCHESTER POPE FAMILY, THE CHENEY GENEALOGY, ETC BOSTON, MASS. Thus it is the "Commonwealth of Massachusetts" where the largest number of American families had their first home this side of the Atlantic; and to her records and relics come yearly the largest proces- sions of pilgrims, seeking to obtain clues to the still earlier history of their ancestry. Although their jurisdiction ex- tended over a wider field than the pres- ent state limits, there seems to the writ- er a propriety in restricting this volume in this way.

Later volumes by this or some other hand may present the Pioneers of Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut for that early period, with all the light now thrown on their m.on- uments. formerly belonging to their father George A., dec, subject to life of widow Dorothy A.

What were these but "pioneers," whose bravery, earnestness, fidelity, love, made them worthy to be enrolled by themselves, an honorable list of heroes and heroines.