Lynksis router validating

31-Aug-2019 02:50

You may want to compare your configuration of the old router with the config of the new one?

It could be a firmware issue that might go away if you re-flash your router's firmware (btw, make sure that you have the most recent firmware! It would not hurt to try re-flashing the router's firmware..that does not do the trick, then I would get a replacement/refund while you are still eligible.

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I have a work laptop that I have tried to connect to the home network wirelessly and hardwired.

Both ways it asks for the security key (WPA) and put in the huge 26 character string, it takes it and keeps saying validating, validating then it says it cannot connect, cannot validate certificate.

Hi, I have an old desktop running Windows XP Home version 2002, which has been connected to a Netgear WG311 802.11g wireless router.

I was unable to connect other computers, so I replaced the Netgear with a Linksys E1200 wireless router.

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Hello, I have the linksys wrt210n on my home network.I have a WRT160N that was very similar, although it was the wireless connections that kept dropping.