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Ms Violet Lim, chief executive officer and co-founder of Lunch Actually Group, another SDNTrust-accredited dating agency, says: "When we first began in 2004, there was a stigma against the dating industry as people were not really sure what to expect from dating agencies." She says Lunch Actually is seeing more interest in its services not only from individuals, but also from the corporate world."While our services are primarily consumed by individuals, sometimes, companies invite us to conduct lunchtime talks or short workshops on topics such as grooming, dating success or gender differences," she says.Last year, he took part in events organised by SDNTrust-accredited dating agency Gai Gai, such as a latte art workshop and a night visit to a water theme park. At least you have activities as a distraction or an excuse. If the other person is not your type, it's okay to just be friends," he says .Twice a year, the Social Development Network collaborates with accredited agencies and other partners on the Spark Connection campaign, which offers subsidised dating events and services, such as weekend group trips to Malaysia, sailing activities and workshops on emotional intelligence."Now, I make sure she is comfortable with her meal and I am fine just being myself." It's quite a safe way to meet people.At least you have the activities as a distraction or an excuse. If the other person is not your type, it's okay to just be friends."Before, I might overthink things, such as wondering what my date was thinking or I might not know what to say.It might not even be anything important, it could be about choosing what to eat," he says.

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Through date coaching sessions that taught him how to make a good impression through presentation and body language, he started to sport a more well-groomed appearance. Some date coaching sessions involved learning how to make conversations interesting.

He used to wear jeans and shirts with short sleeves or polo necks, but now wears more long-sleeved shirts and trousers. "The general idea is to be curious about the other person; compliments should be sincere and specific," says Mr Cai.