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As well as writing more than a dozen books on love and relationships, including the acclaimed “The Dream Prince Trap - covering the danger of searching for the perfect partner” - Hegmann is also a relationship counsellor for singles and couples.We asked him about the most important things to look out for for expats dipping a toe into the German dating waters. Don't get hung up on cultural differences Your experience of dating is not going to be wildly different from one country to another — especially in Europe.On the other hand, he cited a recent study showing that 30 percent of women would like a present on the day.However, it shouldn't be the one and only day of the year when you make an effort.“In the end, everyone needs love and is looking for love,” is Hegmann's conclusion.Undergo the simplest registration procedure and gain an opportunity to meet women online.Don't wait for Valentine's Day to do something special Although Valentine's Day is less widely observed in Germany than the US or UK, it's infiltrating the popular imagination, just as in other European countries.

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That broadly matched what their fellow EU citizens said they were looking for.

“Most normal people will find that this is wrong after about five or six months.