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28-Apr-2019 14:45

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“Online isn’t doing well," she tells me in a phone interview. Online dating works for some people, but the basis of it is chemistry."People are craving, real connections and experiences. You can’t read charisma online.” Her advice for anyone looking to get the most of their experience is simple, but poignant, “Treat it like you’re meeting new people, not new potential mates.Everyone seemed to be at a completely different place in life.The majority of men attending the event were in their mid to late 30s, looking for something serious, and fast.In my jeans pocket, my Bumble was full of gross messages, my Hinge was devoid of anything promising, and my DMs were drier than Death Valley.Staring me down was a red and pink reminder that for the next month, I felt worthless to capitalist America, just sad and single, ready to buy all the clearance chocolate on Feb. I felt starved of a basic human connection, of something more real than a “u up?

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Before the event begins, I catch up with Amy Van Doran, the CEO and Founder of the matchmaking service Modern Love Club to prepare myself for the evening.So, that was truly the confidence boost I needed before walking into a bar full of over 80 strangers, half of whom I would have to spend three minutes conversing with. “Yeah screw it, let’s do the damn thing," Pamela says.I turn to my best friend Pamela, who is accompanying me because A.) we’d just finished watching the Ted Bundy documentary and she didn’t want me going alone, and B.) she was curious about having 40 first dates in an evening, as well. The Crompton Ale House in Manhattan is full of dark wood accents, vintage books glued to their shelves, and single people ready to rub elbows on a Saturday night.I want something worth rushing through an airport for, something you want to scream from the rooftops. The first person I speak to is an IT manager from Brooklyn with sweaty hands and a kind smile. Just as I was beginning to hear about the perils of managing a company’s computer network, the bell rings and we have to part ways.

At the very least, I want someone to keep a conversation with, past the daily, pointless exchanges of the same, “How are you? ” If I could meet more people in an evening than I ever would out in the wild (read: bars), my chances of finding a genuine and organic connection seemed to skyrocket significantly. He asks the standard questions: where are you from? While the three minutes were nondescript and barren of any traditional type of spark, it was refreshing to have a natural conversation with someone without the weight of any “we both swiped to get here” expectation. He’s an accountant from Queens and spends the majority of our conversation letting me know how much he makes and how it is more than enough money to comfortably support a family.

The fastest I’ve ever moved was running away from the bouquet toss at my cousin’s wedding.

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