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Semen becomes more sticky and jelly-like after ejaculation before it turns to liquid again after about 5 to 40 minutes.A wet dream is when you ejaculate ('come' or 'cum') and release sperm (male reproductive cells) in your sleep.Sometimes you might get an erection when you don't expect it – like at school or on the bus.This may seem embarrassing but it happens to most boys. If your erection is painful you can call NHS 111 for advice and if your erection has lasted for more than 4 hours you will need to go to your nearest accident and emergency (A&E) department.It's normal for an erect penis to be slightly bent or curved and this is nothing to worry about.Erections can happen when you’re thinking about sex or about someone you find attractive.

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I found this article quite disconcerting since I masturbate, on average, 7-8 times a day.

Your feelings should calm down after a while when your body adjusts to the changes. Some penises are straight and some might be curved slightly. Sometimes watching porn can start to change the way people see real life. Some of the men in porn have had penis enlargements – this is an operation to make their penis bigger.

Usually wet dreams happen during dreams with sexual thoughts or images. In real life, most males have much smaller penises than the actors in porn.

If you want to know more – check out the information on our facts about puberty page.

According to other sources, excessive masturbation can shrink a male's penis.

Getting used to all the changes can sometimes be stressful.

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