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She is a daughter of Eileen Goldstein and Jeffrey Goldstein of Ridgewood, N. The bride’s father was until 2017 a special representative for collective bargaining at the United Federation of Teachers in Manhattan.Her mother was until 2016 a senior systems analyst at Peoples Education, an educational publishing firm in Saddle Brook, N. The groom, also 32, is a luxury sales manager at Remote Lands, a tour operator in Manhattan that specializes in luxury travel to Asian countries. He is a son of Maureen Nosal and Andrew Nosal of Providence." The answer is that even as we contemplate and perhaps judge the actions of others, we still are actually walking our own labyrinth and confronting our own personal monster--desire, addiction, cowardice, greed, or even devastating sorrow that overwhelms and controls us.It is how we deal with our own personal Minotaur that makes all the difference.Goldstein had not been on in her 18 months of online dating: a sunset ferry ride on the East River and a picnic in Brooklyn Bridge Park.“Every first date was an invite for drinks,” she said. When one of the elephant guides called out a command, Mr. Goldstein, who slowly reached out to take it while Mr.“I was completely impressed with his creativity and thoughtfulness.”In a month’s time they were dating steadily.“I loved his goofy, clever sense of humor,” Ms. “I appreciated his ability to be endlessly enthusiastic about any situation. Nosal would ask her to marry him on that trip — their second visit to Thailand — she did not know that one of the elephants would get in on the act. Nosal dropped to one knee and did the rest.“I rolled the dice by placing a lot of trust in that elephant to not eat the ring,” he said, laughing.4 stars for great writing and a compelling story line. I was sold on Lisa Goldstein's Walking the Labyrinth the moment I read the description.A vaudeville inspired mystery sounded original and intriguing so I felt pretty optimist when I settled down and cracked it open. I was sold on Lisa Goldstein's Walking the Labyrinth the moment I read the description.

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“I wasn’t even in her league.”A week later, they went on the kind of first date that Ms. Nosal surreptitiously slipped a box over to Yuki, a middle-age female elephant. Yuki then turned her trunk, on which a box holding the engagement ring rested, toward Ms.""I learned--I learned that illusion is a way to truth. That there are things beyond or beneath or on the other side of what most people...think of as reality,"Our main characters, the Allalies, are a family of illusionists that trace their origin, their magical one at least, to a old secret society called The Order of the Labyrinth, which is both an actual physical, metaphysical, and magical place, but also symbolic of the twists and turns of the lives of the characters--all of whom are charged with this quest to recognize what it is that they must learn.

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