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Written documents: 2,177 fonds, approximately 3.5 million files occupying around 33,000 linear meters of shelving space.

1203 – autumn 1263) was the first known Grand Duke of Lithuania and the only Christian King of Lithuania.

It preserves moving pictures since 1919, photo negatives and positives since 1850's, sound recordings since 1950's, videotapes since 1988 until the present day.

The documents preserved in the Lithuanian Central State Archives comprise 9 sets.

The loss, incurred due to loss of or damage to postal items (made during the time period from their acceptance till delivery to the receiver) is indemnified according to the Postal Law.

The loss, incurred due to loss of or damage to international postal items is indemnified according to the provisions of the .

During the summer of 1253 he was crowned King of Lithuania, ruling between 300,000 and 400,000 subjects.

Pažuk is a dating and social portal for Russians and Lithuanians living in England, Ireland, Wales and Lithuania.

Little is known of his origins, early life, or rise to power; he is mentioned in a 1219 treaty as an elder duke, and in 1236 as the leader of all the Lithuanians.

The contemporary and modern sources discussing his ascent mention strategic marriages along with banishment or murder of his rivals.

Dalius Žižys Archives preserves records of state, local government, enterprises, religious communities, popular organizations, other non-state institutions and individuals, dating from 1918 until 1990.

The division of Sound and Image is the main repository of audiovisual heritage in Lithuania.Vilnietė Daina, su būsimąja pirmakurse dukra, pirmąsyk atvykusi apžiūrėti Vytauto Didžiojo universiteto (VDU) bendrabučio kambario, kurį internete, apžiūrėjusi nuotraukas, rezervavo būsimoji studentė, nustėro – pamatytas vaizdas gerokai skyrėsi nuo matyto kompiuterio ekrane.

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