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03-Jun-2019 10:34

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pretty much all of the hippy liberal states are on this list…

and the majority of the redneckkiest states aren’t. (Better than the conclusion of this list leading to you ruminating about your first cousin, right?

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Usually I give my lists a prologue like “I was watching TV the other day and during a Nissan commercial I thought to myself, ‘Hey, that’s a cool song’ so I decided to devote five hours of my late 20s to an 11 Points list of techno music from 2000 to 2005 that’s been used in foreign car commercials.” This list gets no such prologue.

Plus think about how cheap the wedding will be — so much overlap in the number of guests that fall under the “well, we have to invite your Uncle Bernie” umbrella!

These states have the strictest laws (especially Kentucky, Nevada and Ohio, as you’ll see the others below all make exceptions).

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Many of them, as you’ll see below, also have other little loopholes.It’s like when the CTU director du jour turns off the camera so Jack Bauer can torture someone off the record on is still about lots ‘o torture and a revolving door of CTU directors saying “I’m in charge now.” I haven’t watched the show since they brought Wayne Palmer out of a coma or something to get him to stop yet another hot-headed vice presi… Arkansas’s position on first cousin marriages is clearer — they don’t want to accept it — but a 1986 Arkansas Supreme Court decision, Etheridge v. But if you’re 68 years old and just realizing that the cousin you’ve been hangin’ with since you were toddlers is actually the love of your life… These are similar bans, they just apply only to first cousins.Shaddock, upheld an out of state first cousin marriage, so there’s some precedent there. In Illinois, both have to be over 50 or one has to be infertile; in Arizona both have to be over 65 or one has to be infertile; in Utah both have to be over 65, or both have to be over 55 with one being infertile.If you’re legislating against adopted first cousins marrying, then you’re legislating morality.

And I’d be shocked, just shocked, to think that any places in this country would try to legislate morality. Go ahead and marry your first cousin, just don’t do it on our turf. Michigan doesn’t have any precedents on it, nor any laws that seem to specifically prohibit it. In Indiana, first cousins or first once removed can get together… In Wisconsin, the way around the ban is for the woman to be over 55 or at least one of the two people to be infertile. it’s one thing for a couple of young, naive cousins to fall in love.I have no desire to marry my first cousins (so no worries, Sarah, Rachel, Molly or Julie) — nor any recollection of why the idea for this list popped into my strange, strange brain.

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