Law mandating auto parts availability

02-Jul-2019 06:51

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This means that if an insurer wants to get off risk because of a misrepresentation or other approved ground, it must terminate the contract in accordance with Statutory Condition 11.It cannot treat the contract as being void ab initio.In all other instances no documentation is required.If your car fails, you will need to arrange for it to be repaired and retested.The most interesting issue (in an insurance coverage sort of way) was the motion judge’s finding that an automobile insurer could treat a policy as void ab initio.The Court of Appeal held that the highly regulated auto insurance scheme in Ontario prevents an insurer from treating a policy as void ab initio.While a number of cases still express the effect of s.233 as rendering the contract “void” as between the insurer and the insured, it is clear that that language is intended to do no more than reflect the express consequences of s.

Of note, Intact did not terminate the contract pursuant to the Statutory Conditions. There was no return of premiums (because no premiums had been paid).Our specialist ATA-trained testers can carry out almost all required repairs on site on the same day - and we always quote upfront so no nasty surprises!The MOT will take an hour, but may take longer if we need to carry out any minor repairs.If you wish to appeal against an MOT failure, ask for a complaint form at the test centre.

You'll receive all or part of your test fee back if your appeal is successful, but you should not have any car repairs carried out in the meantime as this may affect the outcome of your appeal.If you choose to have your car repaired elsewhere, you can take it back to the original testing centre for a partial retest within 10 days of the initial test. If you bring your car back after 10 working days, you will be charged for a full MOT.

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