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Meanwhile, Larry's observation of the troubles between Jeff and Susie leave him trying to prove to Cheryl just how un-kinky he is.

Series 1, Episode 13 16 CC HD CC SD Larry offends a Jewish neighbor at the premiere of another friend's movie.

Coincidentally, a writer asks Larry for a ,000 loan, claiming that he is close to receiving his inheritance.

Series 1, Episode 17 16 CC HD CC SD At the screening of a mini-series, the young daughter of a TV exec gets Larry to cut the hair off a beloved doll--which then causes her to throw a fit.

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Series 1, Episode 20 16 CC HD CC SD In the Season Two finale of this comedy series, Larry lands in hot water when Cheryl's psychic busts him for a naughty massage.

To celebrate, Larry decides to get matching shirts for himself and Ted, but when Ted finds a stain on his shirt, it leads to Larry's demotion in a performance of ' The Wizard of Oz,' as well as other troubles.

Series 1, Episode 22 16 CC HD CC SD Larry finally enters the world of cell phones, but his first call leads to a major mix-up with the chef at his new restaurant.

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Series 1, Episode 11 16 CC HD CC SD In the Season Two premiere, Larry and Cheryl make a successful bid on a seaside chateau only to discover that their new 'dream home' has a disturbing sound of unknown origin.

In a typical episode, Larry casually offends someone in the first act, discovers that he desperately needs their help in the second, and then makes matters worse trying to secure it.