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Gesellschafts-und Sprachwissenschaftliche Reihe YR Yale Review XIX Illustrations jacmg page facing page 104 4 Hermann Hesse 110 Romulo Gallegos 4 Marek Hlasko 110 John Galsworthy 8 Hugo von Hofmannsthal 11 '-/ 118 Federico Garcia Lorca 8 Ricarda Huch 122 David Garnett 14 Langston Hughes 122 Jean Genet 14 Aldous Huxley 144 Stefan George 32 Eugene Ionesco 144 Andre Gide 36 Mohammad Iqbal 166 Marnix Gijsen 36 Henry James 180 Maurice Gilliams 38 Francis Jammes 180 Jean Giraudoux 38 Johannes Jensen 180 Karl Gjellerup 50 Juan Ramon Jimenez 182 Maksim Gorki 50 Eyvind Johnson 182 Gunter Grass 60 Johannes Jorgensen 190 Robert Graves 60 James Joyce 190 Julien Green 60 Ernst Junger 198 Graham Greene 68 Franz Kafka 202 Giovannino Guareschi 68 Georg Kaiser 202 Kristmann Gu Smundsson 70 Gu Smundur Kamban 212 Jorge Guillen 70 Kawabata Yasunari 212 Gunnar Gunnarsson 76 Volter Kilpi 220 Gu9mundur Hagalin 76 Rudyard Kiphng 220 Per Hallstrom 82 Arthur Koestler 234 Knut Hamsun 82 Karl Kraus 234 Martin Hansen 86 Tom Kristensen 242 Thomas Hardy 86 Aleksandr Kuprin 242 Jaroslav Hasek 92 Par Lagerkvist 246 Gerhart Hauptmann 92 Selma Lagerlof Ernest Hemmgway XXI ILLUSTRATIONS Giuseppe di Lampedusa 246 Elisabeth Langgasser 248 Ring Lardner 248 D H Lawrence 258 Hallddr Laxness 258 Gertrud Le Fort 258 Leonid Leonov 262 Carlo Levi 262 Pierre Loti 334 Robert Lowell 334 Joaquim Machado de Assis 360 Archibald Macleish 360 Salvador de Madariaga 366 Maurice Maeterlinck 366 Norman Mailer 368 Bernard Malamud 368 Andre Malraux 374 Heinrich Mann 374 Thomas Mann 378 W Somerset Maugham 392 Frangois Mauriac 392 Andre Maurois 400 Vladimir Mayakovski 400 Mary Mc Carthy 402 H L Mencken 402 Henri Michaux 408 Edna St. His work includes “one minute plays,” published between 19 in the Cracow weekly Przekrdj under the running title “Zielona Ges ” G was greatly esteemed for his influence as an avant-gardist and for his literary culture WORKS- Porfirion Osielek (1929), Koniec swiata (1930), Zabawa ludowa (1934), Vtwory poetyckie (1937), Wiersze wybrane (1938), 4 Zaczarowana dorozka (1948), Niobe (1953), Wybor wierszy (1954), Wiersze (1956), Satyra, groteska, zart liryczny (expanded, 1957), Liryka, 1926-1953 (1962) BIBLIOGRAPHY Blonski, J., G (1955) * * * GALLEGOS, Romulo Venezuelan novelist, b , Caracas, Venezuela, d there, 4 Apnl 1969 G studied in the city of his birth, and for a long time was a teacher m secondary schools He played an active part in the poli- tical life of his country, becoming a senator in 1929 and Minister of Education in 1936 From 1941 to 1948 he served as President of the Republic The period 1931-36 he spent in voluntary exile in Spain, where he published several of his novels Like the rest of his work, these describe the landscape and people of Venezuela G began his literary career with short stories His first novel, El ultimo Solar (1920, in later eds.Vincent Millay 408 Henry Miller 416 Gabriela Mistral 416 Carl Moberg 416 Henry de Montherlant 420 Marianne Moore 420 Alberto Moravia 428 Kai Munk 428 Ins Murdoch 432 Robert Musil 432 Vladimir Nabokov 436 Ogden Nash 436 Pablo Neruda 446 A ckno wledginen ts ROMULO GALLEGOS JOHN GALSWORTHY FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA DAVID GARNETT JEAN GENET STEFAN GEORGE ANDRE GIDE MARNIX GIISEN MAURICE GILLIAMS JEAN GIRAUDOUX KARL ADOLPH GJELLERUP MAKSIM GORKI GUNTER GRASS ROBERT GRAVES JULIEN GREEN GRAHAM GREENE GIOVANNINO GUARESCHI KRISTMANN GUDMUNDSSON JORGE GUILLEN GUNNAR GUNNARSSON GUDMUNDUR HAGALIN PER HALLSTROM KNUT HAMSUN MARTIN HANSEN THOMAS HARDY JAROSLAV HASEK GERHART HAUPTMANN ERNEST HEMINGWAY HERMANN HESSE MAREK HLASKO HUGO VON HOFMANNSTHAL RICARDA HUGH LANGSTON HUGHES ALDOUS HUXLEY EUGENE IONESCO MOHAMMAD IQBAL HENRY JAMES FRANCIS l AMMES JOHANNES JENSEN, JUAN RAMON JIMENEZ EYVIND JOHNSON JOHANNES J0RGENSEN JAMES JOYCE ERNST JUNGER FRANZ KAFKA GEORG KAISER OAS Photos, Washington, D C Bildarchiv Herder, Freiburg im Brewgau Bildarchiv Herder, Freiburg im Breisgau Luci Ua Sherrard and The Vi Ung Press, Inc , N Y Jerry Bauer and Grove Press, Inc, N Y Bildarchiv Herder, Freiburg im Breisgau Suddeutscher Verlag, Munich Bildarchiv Herder, Freiburg im Breisgau Bildarchiv Herder, Freiburg im Breisgau r^^^^antsr Mfn C lor Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen Histona-Foto, Berlin German Information Center, Doubleday & Company, Inc, N French Cultural Services, NY , ^ Y Islay Lyons and The Vi Kmg Press, Inc , N Istituto Itahano di Cultura, NY Consulate General of Iceland, N Y Dr Ivar Ivask j M Y Consulate General of ^ ^ Consulate General of Iceland, N Swedish Information Service N Y r Un Verlag Ullstein, Berlin Suddeutscher Verlag, Munich Martin Hesse SWB , Bern K»p Un. entitled Reinaldo Solar), depicts social conditions in the interior of Venezuela Its unstable hero, incapable of any effective effort, symbolizes the inner confusion of the equally immature country.Emir Rodriguez Monegal Ibarbourou Marcel Moussy North African David J. Huelsenbeck Klabund Munchhausen Jules Paul Seigel Housman R Baird Shuman Green, P.Niederauer Louys Maeterlinck Ehsabeth Nonnenmacher Hviezdoslav Jesenskf Kukuiln Otto Oberholzer Norwegian Literature Helmut OUes Gascar Kurt Opitz Jahnn Ants Oras Hindrey Harold Orel Lindsay Millay Sergio Pacific! E Rimvydas Silbajons Lithuanian Literature Grover Smith Isherwood Emile Snyder and Lilyan Kesteloot-Lagneau Neo-African Literature J. L Snyman Millm Gonzalo Sobejano Garcia Lorca Gomez de la Serna Hernandez Hidalgo Jimenez Machado y Ruiz, A Machado y Ruiz, M. Y Bildarchiv Herder, Freiburg im Breisgau Swedish Information Service, N Y Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Cologne The Viking Press, Inc., N. Royal Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen The Viking Press, Inc , N Y.End of the Chapter (Maid in Waiting, 1931, Flowering Wilderness, 1932, Over the River [Am , One More River], 1933) Al- though G refused a knighthood in 1918 for his literary achievements, he accepted the Order of Merit in 1929 and the Nobel Prize for Literature m 1932 Of his non-Forsyte wntings Fraternity (1909) is one of his finest novels, and of his plays Strife (produced 1909), Justice (produced 1910), and Loyalties (produced 1922), are three of his most compelling By the 1920’s G had the reputation of a literary giant, but much of his fame rested on the mistaken belief that he was a sociological writer whose satiric analyses of man and society were photographically lifelike Al- though this belief still prevails, present-day critical evaluation of his work poses a very different viewpoint since the society he chron- icled and the causes he espoused are now past history, G is dismissed as an out-of-date social historian However, if the emphasis on the sociological aspect of his writings is a mis- taken one, it IS evident that G ’s work should be examined anew and on its own terms as literature G ’s achievement is clearly greater than his present reputation would allow, in- deed, he may justly be considered the last great Victorian novelist An important statement of G ’s artistic creed is “A Novelist’s Allegory” (1909) The allegory tells of an old man, Cethru, who as a nightwatchman aids passers-by as they traverse dark streets Because the light from his lantern shone on some unpleasant scenes, Cethru is accused of crmiinal intent In his defense the point is made that the lantern im- partially reveals both good and evil and shows the true proportion of things to one another In G’s view the artist is important because he is the discoverer of truth or spin- tual proportion Beauty and art (profound em- bodiments of the spiritual, the humane, and the civilizing) are the cornerstones of his humanitarianism G thought the phrase “spiritual realist” fairly accurately character- ized his work, and although he used immediate and specific details to give his writings the solidity of reality, his ultnnate concern was to evoke spiritual reality and human insight FURTHER WORKS From the Four Winds (1897).

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Abraham Marcel Ralph M Aderman Mencken Douglas Alden Lacretelle Fernando Alegria Icaza, J. Gerard Hausa Literature Malagasy Literature Helmut E. Bernard Gicovate Lugones UInch K Goldsmith Kommerell Sheldon Norman Grebstem Lewis, S. Murdoch Johannes Holthusen Jastrwi Kuzmin Lyric Poetry Russia Alfred Holzinger lunger, F Andre Honore Giraudoux Eberhard Horst Kolmar Johannes Hosle Gadda Virgil lerunca Goga lorga Istrati Minulescu Noailles George Ivask Ivanov, G. Kerr Interior Monologue Paul Ilie James Lilyan Kesteloot-Lagneau and Emile Snyder Neo-African Literature Astnd Ivask Latvian Literature Kay H Kim Korean Literature X CONTRIBUTORS TO VOLUME 2 Fntz Knoller Gaiser Heinnch Kramer Hjorto Magnus Jan Krynski Htasko Helmut Kuhn Lewis, C.Gullberg Hemnch Stammler Gunnarsson Hallstrom Gumilev Hansson Klyuyev Hedberg Johnson, E Kamban Emil Stampar Krleza Lagerkvist Matos Lagerlof Nazor Frank K. OAS Photos, Washington, D C Antony Di Gesii and Houghton Miffim Company, Boston Frederick A Praeger, Inc., N Y Suddeutscher Verlag, Munich The New York Times, N. Paul De Vnes-Pix, N Y Wilfried Gopel, Berlin Verlag Ullstem, Berlin Fritz Eschen, Berlm Editta Sherman and Doubleday & Company, Inc , N Y French Cultural Services, N Y. Horst Tappe and Camera Press-Pix The Bettmann Archive, N. worked as a lumberjack after Germany s “Uapje^a d S^ally became a drawing teacher at the Rent linger Gymnasium Politically an inner ?

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