Kevin bishop dating

06-Apr-2019 16:39

We might just approve of his adorbz face, but he better take care of our gurl!

Not to mention, gurlfriend looked AH-mazing that night (and every night)!

One minute you'd be an old cockney woman, and the next minute you're an American teenager. " See more » I only rarely review things on the IMDb but 5.5/10 for the Kevin Bishop show is way too low.

Only one proper review and even though they said it's a good show they only gave it 6!

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The thing that makes it stand out from other sketch shows is the lack of repetition of material compared to others (although some sketches do appear across multiple episodes such as the Game Box ones).When watching the more mainstream shows that pull in more viewers, such as Little Britain, The Fast Show, Harry and Paul and The Arm Strong and Miller Show, etc, I always get a bit bored after a couple of episodes as the sketches are just repeated again and again with the characters in different situations doing similar things.

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