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06-Sep-2019 19:56

The eschatology of Jehovah's Witnesses is central to their religious beliefs.

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When the rapture failed to occur, Russell admitted they "felt somewhat disappointed", but decided there would be an additional 3½-year period "making the harvest seven years long".

They state that the beginning of Christ's heavenly rule would seem worse initially for mankind because it starts with the casting out of Satan from heaven to the earth, which according to Revelation 12, would bring a brief period of "woe" to mankind.

God's kingdom rule over the earth, over which Jesus reigns as God's appointed king.

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Discover our stunning Orlando resorts, home to over 500 acres of the most enchanting natural surroundings and enriching activities found in Florida.Writing in his journal The Herald of the Morning in 1875, Barbour outlined his eschatological views and connected the years 1874, 1878, 1881, and 1914.

Let’s look at a handful of important early New Testament manuscripts that scholars have discovered so far.… continue reading »

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