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Schemed with Lulu Spencer to break up Dillon Quartermaine and Georgie Jones. Came to Port Charles to seek revenge for his brother's death. Was killed by Jason Morgan.anesthesiologist at General Hospital, portrayed by Ron Melendez in the 2007 first season of General Hospital: Night Shift. After discovering who his parents actually were he became obsessed with stalking the girls involved with his cousin Sage's death. Had an affair with Skye Quartermaine that produced a child (Lila Rae).Father of Karen Wexler, Logan Hayes, Serena Baldwin, and Christina Baldwin. Maxie snuck Coop out of the hotel after it exploded and hid his part in the hostage crisis. Grandmother of Samantha Mc Call, Kristina Corinthos-Davis, and Molly Lansing. Killed Sage Alcazar and Trent Parker in the Quartermaine mansion. Died by falling off the roof of General Hospital while fighting with Sam Mc Call over an Equinox biotoxin. FBI agent brought in to handle the kidnappings of Sonny Corinthos' children in 2005. Granddaughter of Mikkos Cassadine and Kristen Bergman. Gertrude came to Port Charles to stir up trouble for Chloe, trying to prove she wasn't married, and trying to steal the money from Chloe. Mother of Carly Corinthos Jacks, adoptive mother of Barbara Jean "BJ" Jones (deceased) and Lucas Jones, and stepmother of Terry Brock.Responsible for the Port Charles Hotel fire in 2004. Daughter of Harlan Barrett (deceased) and Veronica Wilding (deceased). Got a job working security at the same hotel, until Sonny Corinthos found out he was one of the hostage takers, and was now working for Sonny, by being a cop at the PCPD to feed Sonny and Jason information. He was found dead in January 2008, murdered by Diego Alcazar. Protege of Helena Cassadine: Helena had an experimental drug that brought her back to life after she was assumed dead fallen from a balcony, and she was produced as a witness at the trial of her own murder. Killed by Lorenzo Alcazar after he switched her medication (assumed). Came to Port Charles from Brazil after the Asian Quarter for a business relationship with Sean Donely and the Quartermaines. Australian con man who lost his adoptive parents in a car accident. Soon fell in love with Sonny, but slept with his brother Ric Lansing. This led to Chloe marrying Ned Ashton in a quicky wedding. Grandmother of Michael Corinthos III, Morgan Corinthos and Josslyn Jacks. This voice came out of him that we never knew he had.They soon agree to be friends and help each other with their addictions. Was to be named Lila Morgan in honor of Lila Morgan Quartermaine.Archer subsequently appears on General Hospital sporadically until January 29, 2009, when he dies as the first victim of a biotoxin accidentally in the hospital. Granddaughter of Alexis Davis, Mike Corbin and Adela Corinthos.

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Son of Nikolas Cassadine and Courtney Matthews (deceased). Grandson of Mike Corbin, Laura Spencer and Stavros Cassadine; great-grandson of Mikkos Cassadine (deceased) and Helena Cassadine. Half-brother of Alexis Davis, and Kristina Cassadine. Supposedly killed by Luke Spencer once, but brought back from the dead by his mother Helena, who had him cryogenically frozen until his injuries could be healed, and thus appeared to be much younger than his age. Grandmother of Dante Falconeri, Michael Corinthos III, Morgan Corinthos, Kristina Corinthos-Davis, Molly Lansing, and Baby Girl Mc Call (deceased). Ex-husband of Carly Corinthos Jacks, Widower of Claudia Zacchara (deceased). Claudia Zacchara had him brought in from Bensonhurst to kill Jason Morgan. In an ironic twist, Andrea poisoned Edward Quartermaine to keep him quiet about the crime. He became Sly Eckert's caretaker and was arrested after killing Sly's slimy mother, Nancy, who was threatening to take custody away from Bill Eckert. In 2010, her daughter, Maya Ward came to Port Charles to live with Edward Quartermaine. After months in a mental hospital, he was released back into society. Was raised thinking that Maria was his sister because she did not want his father, Alcazar, to realize he was alive.He also becomes involved with fellow doctor Kelly Lee, who is herself battling a sex addiction and rebuffs his desire to pursue a relationship. He was the one who deliberately delayed Marc Antony outside the senate meeting place so Antony could not come to Caesar's aid. Cleopatra and Antony lost to Octavian in the battle of Actium.

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Trebonius is the one who lures Mark Antony away before they murder Caesar.

The father of Ptolemy Philadelphos was Marc Antony…