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b) in possession of the remote control and c) sufficiently passive to continue flipping around between the recesses of the local evening newscasts like a sheep in a wolf's den.

But when these three conditions do coincide, and I encounter that tell-tale grainy video with the tinny, maudlin piano music playing over it, I know I'm destined to spend the next 20-30 minutes wallowing in the emotional gutter of American humanity.

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As televised nutrition, it's like a Twinkie, a shot of Wild Turkey and a Marlboro Light all rolled into one speedball of human failing. Fate rarely finds me simultaneously a) in front of the TV past 11 p.m.

But perhaps the most remarkable thing about this clip is the betrayed husband’s calm reaction. It’s all good, man.” The clip has been viewed more than 70,000 times since being posted on You Tube on January third.