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The film was produced by Ganesh Jain, Ratan Jain and Balwant Singh.

The film was released on 9 June 2000 and was distributed by United Seven Creations.

The film earned a total of Rs 35 crore (US.6 million) net, was the fifth highest-grossing film of 2000 in India.

In the town of Vasco in Goa, there exist two rival street gangs - the Bichhoos (Scorpions), who are Hindu migrants and the Eagles, who are local Christians.

He comes to visit Vasco after two years, intending to take his family back to Mumbai with him.

Rahul decides to tour Vasco and rediscovers his love for the city.

Rahul learns that Mary is Max and Shirley's mother and the twins are the illegitimate children of Alberto Vasco.

Having developed a close relationship with Shirley, Rahul plans to reveal this information to her in the form of a letter, however, it falls into the hands of Prakash.

Rahul finds out that the ground was passed from Alberto to a woman named Mary Anne Louise.While in the Eagles territory, he spots Shirley and becomes fascinated by her heavenly beauty and elegance at first sight.He eventually develops a deep attraction for Shirley and decides to settle in Vasco and opens a pastry shop.Prakash plots to murder Max in order to receive Alberto Vasco's valuable land.

A bloody fight breaks out between the Bichhoos and the Eagles, and Max accidentally shoots Prakash while defending himself.Unaware of his brother's schemes, Rahul visits the address listed for Mr.