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It is more common for Orthodox rabbis to call on Jews to reduce their consumption of animal products, as when a consortium of 120 Orthodox rabbis scholars, and community leaders in Jerusalem, known as Beit Hillel, issued a paper calling on Jews to reduce meat consumption in order to alleviate animal suffering.According to some, vegetarianism is consistent with the sacred teachings and highest ideals of Judaism, including compassion, health, life, conservation of resources, tzedakah, kashrut, peace, and justice.In contrast, the mass production and consumption of meat and other animal products contradicts many Jewish values and teachings, gravely harming people, animals, communities, and the environment.The laws of shechita are meant to prevent the suffering of animals.Some of these writers refer to "the vegetarian Isaiah", The pious Jewish youths Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego became vegan according to the Bible story found in Daniel 1:8-16.At Daniel's request, the four boys were subjected to a test; they were fed vegetables and water for ten days.At the end of the ten days, the four boys were in better condition than the other boys who ate a non-vegan diet.

According to some interpretations, God's original plan was for mankind to be vegetarian, and God only later gave permission for man to eat meat in a covenant with Noah (Genesis 9:1–17) as a temporary concession because of Man's weak nature.That number had more than doubled since 2010, when only 2.6 percent of Israelis were either vegan or vegetarian.