Jackson rathbone and ashley greene dating in real life

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Jasper, who felt what his victims felt when he fed, was relieved to find a way to change, though it was significantly more difficult for him.Once they met at the diner, Alice spent a little bit of time convincing Jasper of their future together.She relied on his military experience and charisma to build her ranks.Because Alice often takes the lead when she and Jasper interact with others, there was an early perception that she might have been a bit older, or that he was more recently turned than she was. Born at the turn of the twentieth century, Alice ended up in the asylum where she would become a vampire in 1920.The two didn’t have the same experiences with other vampires.As a result, Jasper was much more wary about interacting with new ones. She explained to Jasper the visions she had of their life together, and how the Cullens would take them in as family, not as soldiers.Jasper only agreed to meet Carlisle and Esme due to how desperately Alice wanted to find them.

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Her visions kept her from losing hope, though, since the first clear vision she experienced was of Jasper.

She told Jasper exactly what kind of vision she had of them with the Cullens– including their vegetarian and familial lifestyle– and the fact that they were meant to be.