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14-Jul-2019 10:10

Just make sure it isn’t the usual dinner and a movie, unless it’s at a foreign restaurant and the film showing is a documentary.

Anything that stretches her brain power keeps her interested.

Some men might find this a little strange, but others find it intriguing.

We like having our secrets, since we know that the ultimate trust lies within ourselves.

We understand and deeply appreciate the concept of “me time.” Even though Aquarian women love spending time with those they care about, they also love the opportunity to have a day off from socialization  and that includes time away from our boyfriends.

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While this definitely makes our dating life pretty interesting, the guy who chooses to combat these hurdles will later realize that our intentions are always good, our goal is never to offend anyone, and we know we’re fickle and don’t like it, either.She hates traditional thought and action and will often be contrary just to avoid that appearance.So don’t shower her with gifts such as flowers or jewelry for she could not care less about such frivolous tokens of affection.While we have a lot of friends, we’re often the “mentor” in the group, especially since we’re able to relate to almost everyone.

When it comes to our own lives, we find it difficult to be “open books,” especially in a new relationship.

This is true in the bedroom as well, where the Aquarius woman needs to be mentally stimulated to have a good time. She’s looking for a more cerebral experience that will keep her attention, so try playing a few mind games or engaging in role play.