Is radiometric dating reliable Free cam to cam no membership

20-Mar-2019 02:06

It is consistent, no matter what you do, according to the mathematic schema the school employs, 2 2 is 5.You question this, but the answer you get is "No matter what we do, when we add 2 and 2 we get 5." You may ask, how does this relate to radiometric dating. Pragmatically, the school has a system of mathematics that works.What more could you ask for than consistent results across different radiometric datings? I would like to thank my opponent for his argument and for providing definitions and an explanation of how radiometric dating works.

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There a dome that covers the world and prevents the water that is outside that dome from crashing in. Now, I am not going to argue that radiometric dating is NOT reliable.There is no objective means to prove that our tests that revel a solar system of 4.5 billion years old is correct.

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