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29-Apr-2019 11:43

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While most banks won't care (or even check) by default, post-dated checks should not be honored until the date if you contact your bank and let them know you post-dated it: A bank may charge against the account of a customer a check that is otherwise properly payable from the account, even though payment was made before the date of the check, unless the customer has given notice to the bank of the postdating describing the check with reasonable certainty. If a bank charges against the account of a customer a check before the date stated in the notice of postdating, the bank is liable for damages for the loss resulting from its act. If my rent is due on the 10th and I send my landlord a check dated on the 10th, but he GETS it on the 5th and brings it to the bank on the 5th...they cash it on the 5th or hold it until the 10th?

My guess is they'll just cash it like derps, but I was hoping.

For example, if you decide to loan money to a friend, you may draw up the contract after you’ve already made the loan, in which case you’ll want to backdate the contract, making it so that the interest started accruing the day you loaned the money.

Likewise, if you haven’t made the loan yet, you may set the effective date to a future date, so that the interest only starts accruing when the actual loan has been made, either way, when getting a loan we suggest to stick to repayment plan for installment loans online.

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Some banks have policies that say they won't, but in the real world you can expect that they'll honor the check as soon as it is presented to them.Documenting a transaction which has already happened One possible scenario is that the relevant transaction has already happened, but just hasn’t been documented yet.For example, there may have been a transfer of trade from one group company to another on a particular date.Even though the transaction may have already happened in substance, it’s important to find out what the other legal consequences may be, so that steps can be taken to mitigate the risks.

These two general areas mean that some legal due diligence should be carried out to identify and address areas for corrective action.

In my experience, if I need someone to wait a few days to cash a check, I've had better luck calling and talking to them. And regardless, no one wants to cash a check that ends up bouncing, so there's that. I worked at a bank for 6 years as the Teller Manager. For example, payday is Friday but boss is out of town on Friday, he writes all the checks on Thursday and hand them out after work. Now tellers do make mistakes and do not check the date on the check all the time which would result in it being cashed early.

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