Invalidating space hibernate

03-Mar-2019 21:34

For instance, if I try to update a record violating an unique constrain, Mysql will throw and exception that get’s propagated to my application… But if I try any other operation after this, the application get’s blocked and after a while a get a “Lock wait timeout exceeded” exception.

It seems that somehow, the transaction that produces the Mysql exception blocks the database somehow.

Reflective Method Invocation.invoke Joinpoint(Reflective Method at org.framework.

Reflective Method Invocation.proceed(Reflective Method at

invalidating space hibernate-69

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Native Method Accessor Impl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.

Abstract Open Prepared Statement(Abstract]2008-08-29 ,550 DEBUG [http-8443-1] opening JDBC connection [org. Sub Before Completion(Sub at org. Sub Coordinator.commit_one_phase(Sub at org. Transaction Impl.commit(Transaction at org. Current.commit( at org.springframework. Jta Transaction Commit(Jta Transaction at

Connection Connection(Connection]2008-08-29 ,550 DEBUG [http-8443-1] /* update com.cinerent.starticketmediacenter.server. Abstract Platform Transaction Manager.process Commit(Abstract Platform Transaction at

Method Security Interceptor.invoke(Method Security at org.framework.

Reflective Method Invocation.proceed(Reflective Method at org.framework.

Entity(]2008-08-29 ,503 DEBUG [http-8443-1] processing flush-time cascades [org.hibernate. Prepared Statement.execute Batch(Prepared at org.core. Core Prepared Statement.execute Batch(Core Prepared at org.

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