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09-Sep-2019 07:13

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. By contrast, the Nile River inundated its entire valley every year, bringing the rich black silt that made the valley one of the most fertile places on earth.Inundation (from the Latin inundatio, flood) is both the act of intentionally flooding land that would otherwise remain dry, for military, agricultural, or river-management purposes, and the result of such an act.It should therefore be distinguished from other types of flooding, not caused by man.

Clinically the disease is characterized by convulsions precipitated by driving and often death during the convulsion.

We have our wonders of inundation in Suffolk also, I can tell you.

Should the inundation increase, where could they find refuge?

the artificial hydrological entities, known as Polders, may be inundated by simply giving the water source access again.


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In the latter perspective inundation may simply be a form of hydraulic engineering.

“I think it was an inundation or a big fire,” she a little languidly smiled.

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