Introduction dating site dating agencies good looking people

25-Aug-2019 17:42

Men contact the agency, provide personal info much like the women, and pay for the opportunity to contact the women in the agency's database (usually through a agent).

Typically men are shown the photos or videos of women from the database.

But if you're comfortable with that you can look for and meet women in potentially any city you find on a dating site. This means that their women are most likely from that city, and if you use their services all your dates with also take place in that city.

Some agencies also follow a somewhat strict introduction procedure that you will have to abide by.

On the international scene these agencies typically advertise in their country to attract local women.

Once you contact a lady from the site it's up to you and her to continue communication and or arrange a meeting (usually the meeting takes place in the woman's country).

This doesn't mean a woman can't have professional photos every now and then. If there are a large amount of profiles that seems suspicious stay away from the site.