Intimidating hockey masks

15-Mar-2019 01:36

Even after they went out of style, Dominik Hasek continued to wear this type of mask until his retirement in 2008 and Chris Osgood still wears one with the Detroit Red Wings.

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By the 1970s, goalie masks had become an integral and highly personalized component of a goalie’s aesthetic in net.

Goalie masks today, as a result, are considered an integral piece of any goalie’s gear bag.

Queen’s University goaltender Elizabeth Graham wore a fencing mask to protect her teeth.

Take a walk through the goalie mask museum and watch it transform into today’s fully-shielded works of art.

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Montreal Maroons goaltender Clint Benedict is said to have worn a goalie mask after taking a shot in the face.

Canadiens coach Toe Blake wouldn’t let Plante wear the mask during games up until that point, but his goaltender said he wouldn’t go back on the ice without it.