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12-Jun-2019 06:12

For another, her “Too Feisty” translated to being known as a woman who stands her ground and commands respect.One of my all-time favorite TOOs was from a female founder who reported being called “Too Much.” Her interpretation of “Too Much” is her presence, energy, and appetite for life is all TOO intimidating.There have been employees I knew personally, who never performed that well, but still they manage to keep their jobs because they knew how to be in the boss’s good books.Learning how to deal or manage your boss is a significant and transferable skill, and will indefinitely decide how far you progress.

As I moved into sales and marketing, I noticed that bosses were particularly more inclined to build a good rapport with the sales guys.I was able to hang on to my big corporate job for so long only because of hard work. After taking a poll from the group here were their reported TOOs: Too Ambitious Too Intense Too Direct Too Feisty Too Focused Too Sexy Too Smiley Too Nice Too Quiet Too Loud Too Excited Too Strong Too Quirky Too Sincere Too Young Too Much Too Redhead (yes, this is real) At the same time, all of the women in this particular group have realized their TOOs are their secret superpower.