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16-Mar-2019 09:57

They already have a first partnership secured with successful high-end dating app Luxy, who have over 2 million users and growing.

This project shows true potential to rid the dating industry of the issues today by creating a unique platform that solves the problems of today and innovates for the future.

One start-up building an exciting solution to solve these core issues and more in a collaborative and open approach is Love

However, today most of the services aren’t properly fulfilling user wants and needs.

It's technology as ice breaker." — Joan "Dating online doesn't mean you aren't careful or selective; it just gives you a chance to meet a wonderful selection of people whom you might never have met otherwise." — Raycub22 ​"Online dating is an amazing way to meet others when you fell outside of the community (as well as other gender/sexual preference minorities)." — Meg "Most people I know in long-term relationships met at work, school or some activity group. If you don't have time to even meet that way do you have the time to put into a relationship?

" — off the post "​I think online dating really has brought the whole dating experience to an all-time low.

Click on the user name to see the full comment in the blog format.) "Online is not really an option any more.

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It is the only way." — Willy "You still need to meet in person to see if you're compatible or not.

The match-making industry is one of the world’s oldest professions.