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‘I always give high marks to a team which has done a lot with very little, as opposed to someone who has put together the most beautiful presentation, market studies and then comes and asks for £1 million to do this,’ he says.‘You want to see that people can actually do something and create something.’ Chief executive, finn Cap (=3) The past year has been a successful one for finn Cap prompting the ebullient Smith to claim, ‘We could go two years without a deal and still have cash.’ Revenue was up 66 per cent to £12.9 million for the year ending April, and the company has taken its corporate client count to 91, with an impressive 14 acquired since April.SPORTSby BROOKS - Sb B Live The Sydney Morning Herald Blogs: Girls Guide Cigarette Smoking Guide - Incompetech Pittsburgh News, Sports, and Events - Tribune-Review Types of smokes - Lifestyle - Lifestyle - Whirlpool Forums St.

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