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25-Mar-2019 01:09

On a recent night, I watched a man with terminal cancer die in the intensive care unit. Meds ran through intravenous catheters in his bruised arms. On the face of it, this death was precisely the kind we are told to avoid. But he was living at home, eating the foods he liked, chatting with his wife. Intensive care at the end of life is very often fluid, our treatments and decisions nuanced. Some might argue that his story exemplifies what is wrong with our system, an example of an invasive, resource-intensive intervention in the last few weeks of life. So we explain this uncertainty, and we continue to evaluate new treatment decisions with patients and their families in the context of their goals.

He was 75, and the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes and bones. death as the negative outcome of poor communication and decision-making is too simple. and a procedure, yes, but his breathing improved, not enough for him to go home again, but enough for him to be able to return to the general medical floor of the hospital. But there are times when it does not, and often, we do not know what is possible from the start.

The doctors in the emergency room sent him up to the I. Maybe with a few days of antibiotics, we could get him back home. If we were to push ahead, with the hope that he would improve, he would need to be intubated. She knew that he didn’t want to linger in a machine-enabled purgatory. My patient’s wife held his hand as they sedated and paralyzed him so that they could place a breathing tube down his throat. It’s a message that I continue to hear: Dying in an I. As his breathing grew more labored, he ended up in the I. Navigating that shift is part of our training, too. At first, the antibiotics seemed to be working, and he seemed to be getting a little bit better. Home and office routers and intranets can use ICUII on all machines.

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