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(2) Dark-greenish sand containing 20 to 80 percent of coarse glauconite grains and weathering to lighter shades of green; generally fossiliferous where strongly glauconitic; contains hard irregular concretionary beds cemented with calcite and subordinate beds of dark blue-gray argillaceous massive fine-grained sand. Nacatoch sand (southwestern Arkansas, northwestern Louisiana); Nacatoch sand of Navarro group (northeastern Texas).

From point west of Washington, Hempstead County, Arkansas, east to Dobyville, Clark County, the Nacatoch is divisible into three gradational lithologic units (descending): (1) Unconsolidated gray fine-grained quartz sand which weathers yellowish and reddish.

Thickness 150 to 400 feet; in vicinity of Arkadelphia not much over 150 feet.

Called Washington Greensands by Hill, which name is preoccupied. [Age is Late Cretaceous.] [Nacatoch Bluff, local name, possibly located in sec. Nacatoch Bluff exposes about 50 feet of upper part of formation. G., 1935, [Selected Geologic Names Committee remarks (ca.

Sediments, laden with dead (plant and animal) lake, or sea organisms are heavier than water, and naturally deposit in the lower areas or basins under the sea.

However, the recycling of carbon as CO2 is not totally efficient in that a very small amount (about 0.0001%) escapes and is buried.

Certain types of organic matter formed at the Earth’s surface eventually produce hydrocarbons. In well of Arkadelphia Ice and Fuel Company it appears to extend from 100 to 160 feet, and is therefore about 60 feet thick.

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