Howard stern show lesbian dating game

19-Aug-2019 07:16

Sirius is betting 0 million (and, probably, its future) on Howard; it’s given him two entire channels. His hair, that dense wheel of curls, which, thank God, he still has, flattens against his head. “He doesn’t want you to act mad; he wants you to be mad,” says his producer, Gary Dell’Abate, whose mother once called Howard’s mother to get Howard to stop belittling her son on the air.

That’s 48 hours of dead air to fill every single day. Racial hatred, sexual offensiveness: Those are real.

Stern asked Poehler if she’s ever watched lesbian porn, to which she replied, “Yeah.

But that’s not really my thing.” Regarding her taste, she revealed, “It’s not too crazy.

Plus, Beth seems to feel a little ignored right now. Howard tolerates celebrities as long as they enter his world. Howard may be arrogant and insecure, a combustible combination; he may be a “miserable prick,” as he sometimes says.

And his stripper bits and lesbian gags and his legion of deformed and defective characters? Which might be about the time that Howard hears the voice. It’s the way WINS, the all-news radio station, introduces its newscast. Except that instead of introducing the WINS newscast, Howard hears the voice intone, It’s “he Howard 100 News.” It’s like the radio gods are sending Howard a radio show. Howard can imagine the hushed, reverent tones of the sportscaster, as if he’s describing Tiger Woods. He rushes out of the shower, almost forgetting the towel. After all, Howard has a confessional urge like no one’s ever heard.

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Howard steps into the shower, a palace of curved, floor-to-ceiling glass, determined to escape the stress that is freaking brutal. From the shower, Howard can catch a glimpse of himself, enough to disturb anyone. Howard says, “Discomfort is something interesting to explore.” Starting, of course, with his own. It was an unhappiness for which Howard took a specific kind of revenge: He recruited others just like himself. (“We’re all damaged,” says Robin.) Then, Howard added a whole other layer of losers, such as Crackhead Bob, Eric the Midget, Wendy the Retard, Howard’s “Wack Pack.” Stir into the mix strippers and porn stars, similarly undesirable in good company, and you’ve got what Robin calls Howard’s “own little club.” Howard, needless to say, anointed himself its king, “king of the dipshits,” as he puts it.Infinity was sympathetic to Howard’s cause, and in fact added him to nine of its stations a few months later.Still, Infinity instituted a companywide “compliance plan” to appease the FCC. “I’m not going to be making more money; I’m going to be making less money.Every morning, Howard does four-plus hours of America’s most popular morning-radio show. Every morning and night, he empties his head, which is what he’d like to do right now. The club’s key rule: Anything is fair game; the more private and embarrassing and hurtful, the better.

In a few weeks, he will join Sirius, a satellite-radio company, where he vows to reinvent the medium. Howard’s real interest is emotion and not the packaged Hollywood variety. He practically invented saying penis and vagina on the radio! He hears a series of sharp, percussive notes, like an old Teletype machine. Howard’s so excited about “The Howard 100 News” he’s got to tell Beth. It’s a notion that seems, on the face of it, preposterous.

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