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Second, individual costs associated with matings in the female function can be compensated by a gain in paternity [18], rendering hermaphrodites likely to accept even costly female matings.

If mating rate is indeed controlled by the male function, one would expect that mating rate increases at higher population densities because higher densities should increase mate encounter rates and thus mating opportunities.

Experimental work showed that maternal per-egg investment depends on the number of different mating partners [22], being maximized at an intermediate mating rate of 2-3 matings per day [23].

At this mating rate, fecundity costs due to multiple matings appear to be offset through reduced embryo mortality [23, 24].

Because our predictions match those of the theoretical work by Härdling and Kaitala [11] developed for separate sex species (see above), we discuss our findings accordingly.

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First, similar to many separate sex species and in accordance with Bateman's Principle [14], the male function is thought to show a steeper fitness gain with increasing mating success than the female function ([15, 16] but see [17]).

In simultaneous hermaphrodites, the situation is less straightforward than in separate sex species.

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