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30-Jun-2019 08:11

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I really do not want to do this it kills me inside so much and I want to talk to her so bad but all it will lead to is more pain that I can not take.It is just so confusing reading so many different points of view on the topic some saying kind of be there and some say ignore ignore ignore and she will come back.She may be aftraid to tell you or act on her feelings.But the longer she keeps looking the more she misses you.As Mikey said it is more than likely they are checking on us to see if we have moved on and if our profiles are still on there they know they can still have us if they want us (backup plan)If I profiles disappear then what they really have nothing to work on.Yes I think you are right Mikey about her deleting her profile because she no longer could see mine she thought well there is no decent guys on there that she is interested in and cant see me on there now so *pooooof* she is outta there.My ex did the same thing checked mine just after the BU, she was actively using hers for about 6 weeks post BU and guess what I literally saw her profile deleted before my very eyes on the weekend now that is confusing.

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If she still checks out your website she misses you.

She is just checking up on you dude, means nothing but to fuel her curiosity.

It is kind of the same as checking your facebook page or myspace exact same thing, it does mean she has not totally let you go and moved on though but don't get too excited.

Exactly what figg said, there honestly is no reason for them to be looking at our dating profiles, Like none at all, Its not like we are saying " Oh, I'm going out with so and so tonight", Its just information that they already know about us, Which leads me to believe that They just miss us and they at least want to see our face, they cant even see if we are talking to anyone.

You know for me, I can look at only the photo of someone I'm interested in or want to be nosy for a month, for a year without boring.

If you’ve been active on a dating site for a while, you know most dating profiles look very similar to one another.

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