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I didn't think it was him at first, but he was sitting near my girlfriend and me, the more I looked, the more I realized it really was him. But looking at what he was wearing, he was wearing boots, maybe an 1.5" heels. 5'8 range is my estimate , But I personally can't see him being 5'7 ... said on 18/May/11Shia with carey (listed here 5'6.5") Click Here Click Here (height consistency even when Carey wear heels) Carey with kiera knightley (listed here 5'7") Click Here Click Here He needs a downgrade, 5'7 - 5'8 max said on 18/Apr/11Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is more 5'8.5 than 5'9 cuz she was the same size as boyfriend Jason Stathem who's also 5' 8.5 and Shia looks an inch shorter. Click Here I had a good laugh, al roker is like 5'5 said on 12/Feb/11Any photo of Shia wearing a suit, tie and dress shoes is 5ft 9. I am trying to lift myself up another 5 to 7 cms and been searching for elevator shoes all week. Click Here said on 25/Jan/11hey guys i just see the movie disturbia (at that time 21...

Anyway, as soon has he was done he stood up to go, my girlfriend had gone to the bathroom and was coming back. said on 18/Jun/11I saw Shia at the rose bowl swapmeet in pasadena, june 2011. He needs to be downsized, he looks taller becuase of his hair and wears lifts as well as in films, but his proportions are short. Matt lauer is supposedly 5'9, Al Roker is supposedly 5'8, and ann curry 5'6. Although I think that the other 3 are at least an inch shorter than what they say they are. These photos prove he is max 5ft 8in Click Here said on 8/Feb/11Here he is last sept. Matt lauer is supposedly 5'9, Al Roker is supposedly 5'8, and ann curry 5'6. Although I think that the other 3 are at least an inch shorter than what they say they are. reached maximal height) and he didnt seemed to be max.

She passed him as she was coming back to the table, she's just a hair under 5'9 and she was wearing flip flops, he was noticeably shorter than her. said on 14/Apr/11I don't know what this points out but being called a small guy means something to me. 1 cm taller dann sarah roemer who is listed at 5'7... at the others who tell they saw him at a set of a movie:forget his height on the set!

Check out this article where Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is disucssing the height difference between her and Shia and how Michael Bay states that ,"She is giving small men around America Hope." Click Here said on 7/Mar/11Ezio did you even read what I wrote there? he wears always lifts for his new movies because he has to be taller for his roles( psychologic efect)...

Heard this little punk talk about decompressing and his two hour time slots to see all the major cities in his transformers tour, felt uninspired and wondered why this schmuck is famous a movie star, then changed the channel.

LMFAO said on 18/Jun/09Yeah, this 5'9" listing is just so odd, and it was down-right insulting that he was even given 5'9.25" here for so long.

So my guess is Carey Mulligan underestimates her height since 5'8" to 5'9" isn't a desirable height in an actress.

said on 31/Oct/10Here is 5'9.5 Patrick Dempsey and Shia.

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Notice how in that post I said he looks "surprisingly" tall. AND I said the other 3 are probably shorter than they say they are. Rob please think about it said on 3/Jan/11Saw this guy in New york when he was shooting wall street 2.said on 9/Jul/11Doesn't appear to be THAT much shorter than 6'1" Harrison Ford. 5'9" and some change (plus lifts) make him look only a couple inches shorter than the legit 6'0.5"-6'1" Harrison Ford.. said on 30/Jun/11Doubtful 5'9", I just saw the new Transformers movie, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley towers over him.

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