Guys to avoid dating

02-Aug-2019 07:48

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He is on his best behavior, but because past friends and lovers have told him his drinking is sometimes problematic, he keeps it to a minimum around you.

Once he gets comfortable, though, he allows himself to get drunk because he just wants to have fun like everyone else. Suddenly, this guy is spewing the most hateful, nastiest things you’ve ever heard. He becomes like a petulant child who you feel the need to babysit, and his behaviors become dangerous and erratic.

They may seem very hard to come by, but there are many great men out there, so never allow yourself to fall for one of the bad ones.

Out there in the dating world, it’s easy to run into the full spectrum of players, jerks, and flat out a-holes.

He just likes to cruise along and have someone to spend time with when he wants it; other than that, your lives are pretty separate. If you are afraid of commitment, as well, he could be a perfect match for you.

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He would never talk about moving in together or marriage seriously, even after more than a year of dating. If you are the most patient person on the planet and you are not at all looking for something that has the potential to last forever, then go ahead and be with this guy.

He doesn’t support what you do and makes snide comments about it regularly.

He gets jealous frequently, always wants to know where you are and what you’re doing.

or he could play Call of Duty on the couch while drinking a beer. He’s not even willing to put in enough effort to put on clothes other than mesh shorts and a dirty tee shirt, so what makes you think he’s going to put in the effort to keep your relationship strong. He’s a smooth operator when it comes to women – suspiciously smooth in fact.

He’s always in flirt-mode wherever you go, and he always leaves you wondering whether you’re the only woman in his life or whether he’s just sticking with you until he finds a different woman to charm.Their boyfriends made them feel so small and insignificant that they ended up changing so many of their unique qualities just for this assh*le. This is a guy to avoid, but he's less egregious than the others. This guy usually has it all together; he's mature and wise.

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