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09-Aug-2019 13:44

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Sometimes fate has a lot to do with love and forming a band.

Hannah Hooper knew Christian Zucconi was the one for her the moment she laid eyes on him in New York City.

I knew she was someone really special and I went home to check out her work online, held my breath hoping it would be good…it blew me away. Zucconi: I picked Hannah up in Chinatown and we drove up to Rockwood Park by my mom’s house in Ossining about 30 minutes from the city singing The Pixies at the top of our lungs.

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These five musicians make up the members of what we now know as GROUPLOVE .

“I fell madly in love with him,” Hooper told us a few months ago, “In a totally not creepy way.” Through thick and thin, the two have always focused on having as much fun as possible, whether it’s going on dates at their parent’s houses or working on art projects to supplement their music.

The couple not only gives each other a lot of love, but spreads their joy to the other members of the band, which exemplifies not only the band’s name, but also the band motto: group love. Hannah Hooper: I had lost the plot a bit—cooped up painting in my studio in Chinatown [New York City] for weeks.

Sean Gadd, a natural songwriter and guitar player, born and bred in London instantly bonded with the two eccentric New Yorkers.

Their relationship became apparent through the music they were making day in and day out.

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