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23-Apr-2019 20:47

While reallove may be a crazy money making scam, it may be small potatoes compared to what psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors are doing.

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My brother is a part of the group along with his wife.Love offerings accepted that goes directly to the church for use of the space. Please call anytime Roberta Leahy (512) 415-9075KISS We teach the simple principles. I am either believing a lie or having an expectation.Meetings are offered at a variety of times throughout the week. The problems can be complicated but the solutions are simple.1. If it's complicated, only smart people would get it.Giving people medications, tellling them it is a chemical imbalance for huge fees is insane.

We live in an insane society and that is why scam outfits are able to thrive.Just as it’s ignorant to think therapy and counseling is also the end all be all and it will hold all the answers and solutions for your life.