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08-Apr-2019 11:13

Romance scams could also result in long term damage to your credit rating as some victims have taken out lines of credit or refinanced their homes to help the scammer.

More than losing all your money, the biggest loss of all could be the loss of self-esteem that results from being a victim of a romance scam.

We lose a lot: our money, belongings, irreplaceable jewelry, property, investments, In several states, once we’re married, what’s theirs is ours and what is ours is theirs. During marriage, as a legal spouse in nine states, they have the right to take, use, sell spend or distribute our belongings, monies, valuables, stocks, property, etc. In an annulment we each take our own things and it’s considered we were never legally married.

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For example, many people use tourist visas to come to the United States to meet their U. But if they already planned to marry and were just using the tourist visa to make the process faster and easier, that's not okay. However, we have both good news and bad news for you. But someone who applies for any visa other than a fiancé visa to come to the U. having wedding plans already in mind, would not be eligible for a green card; or at least, not without successfully applying for a waiver (legal forgiveness). If they aren't sure about whether they want to get married, but end up marrying and applying for a green card, that's ordinarily okay. citizens or permanent residents who have married an undocumented (or illegal) immigrant, then you might be hoping to help that person get a green card and settle into your life together in the United States. That's true even if the immigrant turns in the adjustment of status application after a visa overstay, perhaps long after graduating.The spouse of the illegal immigrant must show that he, she, or their children will suffer hardship if the immigrant is refused reentry.

The information contained above is only a brief outline of adjustment of status rights for an illegal immigrant.In the age of social networking online dating is very popular and no longer has the social taboo it once did.