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19-Jul-2019 02:30

The last nongolfer she dated was back in high school."Golfers are just who I'm attracted to," says Samantha, who has a 1.4 Index.Elizabeth and her man have now been dating for nearly three years.Turns out she was the first and only person he ever messaged.She received a message from a guy whose user name was a famous golf resort. Sitting across a table from a stranger in the corner of a dimly lit bar while forcing conversation over alcoholic beverages is hardly an ideal way to meet anyone.The awkward pauses inherent in those conversations (and in any conversation) feel far less awkward outside and on a golf course, where a shared experience and outdoor stimuli provide for natural talking points.Samantha competed at a Division I university, and he played for a Division III college.

They're higher quality." Samantha learned to play golf when she was 14 and says that one of her first memories of the sport is going to the range with her mom.

"I was trying to hit on him, and he wasn't having it," Samantha says.

"Turns out, he had just come out of a long relationship and wasn't ready to date.

"Looking for golfers is a nice way to meet a successful man," Elizabeth says. He and I are both pursuing our goals together, and it's awesome."Though the majority of low-handicap women who play golf almost always exclusively seek male golfers, the reverse isn't true. In fact, 80 percent of golfers in the United States are male, according to the National Golf Foundation.

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"A girl's pool of potential dates is much bigger than a guy's," Rhoades says.Finally, I came across a photo I could connect with. That meant he'd seen my photos, too, and he was intrigued.