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14-Jun-2019 23:00

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Whatever the reason, you have to be careful how you go about downloading your You Tube videos. There are easy ways to grab a video from You Tube, and there are slightly more complicated ways to grab a video from You Tube.

Once the file is on your hard drive, you can close both browser tabs and locate your newly downloaded file.

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If you’re not a fan of using the web to solve your problem and the app route isn’t your favorite idea ever, Microsoft and Apple offer basic video editing tools with their desktop operating systems, namely Windows Movie Maker and Apple’s i Movie.

File2HD is a very simple website, with only one place for you to paste your URL.

Click the blank box labeled URL, paste your link, and agree to the Terms of Service for File2HD.

Head to File2from a separate browser tab, keeping the You Tube video page open.