Gastric bypass online dating service

09-Mar-2019 10:02

In addition to making it easy to travel to Mexico for surgery, Oasis of Hope makes your weight loss surgery an experience like no other.

Unlike other bariatric centers in Tijuana or throughout Mexico, we offer several superior advantages: Gastric bypass surgery can improve your physical health, emotional health, and overall quality of life.

Gonzalez will divide the stomach into one small and one large section.

The small section will be about five percent of its original size so you will feel full from eating less food.

This results in dramatic, long-term weight loss, making Roux-en-Y a very popular type of weight loss surgery.

Many patients wonder whether it is safe to travel to Mexico for surgery. Medical tourism is safe, reliable, and very affordable, which is why millions of patients are traveling to foreign countries for medical care every year.

If you have tried other weight loss methods with no success, this procedure may be right for you.

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During this post-op assessment, you will take a barium sulfate solution that will be tracked through your digestive tract using x-ray technology.

The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery found that 90 percent of bariatric patients maintain long-term weight loss.