Freshman in college dating senior in college elderly dating sussex uk

06-Sep-2019 10:49

We had a rule that she could only date 2 years older, then she met a boy 4 years older than her (she a sophomore, he a college freshman) and they dated for over 2 years. My rules didn't necessarily translate into real life. Those were her life lessons, not worth the turmoil it would have caused to fight over it.

And to be honest, in those relationships with older boys she held all the power.

Its as simple as that plus the behaviour IS inconsistant with the will, or trueness to forever love. People are wimps esp the parents who don't STAND UP for their daughter.

What do u think a baloney head 18 yr old thinks, when theres no authority behind the girl...

The younger person really needs an equal in order to grow into their fullest version of themselves, a peer who is going through the same things where they can make mistakes side by side. The older person has already made those mistakes and is more likely to try to impart wisdom and guide or assist (with no harmful intent) the younger person's choices rather than be a true peer and equal. However as you go through the grades, the percentage of "experienced" people is going to rise.The only time she balked was when a senior asked her to Sr Ball when she was a freshman.Although she befriended many older boys, who were probably socially slow and unaccepted by females their own age, she didn't think she could handle being around senior girls yet. She was a bit older for her grade and I was on the young side (didn't turn 18 till after graduating high school).She was 15 as a freshman her boyfriend was 16 turning 17 a couple days after she turned 16 he was a senior. You never know if someone was held back, someone started early etc etc..

We had a rule about when our daughter could start dating, not until she got to high school.

Most people are wimps on this ..thats why the relationship threads and people are sooooooooooooooo unhappy...real care anywhere.....