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For example, if a car sideswiped your vehicle as it passed, your dash cam could capture the color, make and model of the car as well as the license plate.That information would be valuable if you were in a hit-and-run accident.That trend is likely to continue as manufacturers respond to consumer demand.In the future, you may have no choice when it comes to a dash cam. If you have clear dash cam video footage of what happened before, during or just after an incident – particularly video with the time and date recorded on the image or embedded in metadata – few will argue with what the footage shows.I meet very selectively with gentleman who appreciate the finer things in life.We will finish our time together feeling like old friends.... I pride myself on creating an erotic and comfortable encounter that leaves both of us feeling satisfied and fulfilled.Or maybe you've been with a transman before, and are hungry for more! I'm an Exercise Physiologist/Kinesiologist by training (advanced degree from the University of Virginia with 8 years hands-on experience), An expert on the human body, I'm also a talented masseur.I love offering a healing and relaxing touch with some excitement too!

- No sexual harassment of any kind of other members. - If you have an issue with another chatter take it to e-mail, etc. It tends to lead to further arguments in the chatroom.So, if you are thinking about installing one in your car, you should consider the potential accident prevention and accident response benefits it could provide.With that said, dash cams or other types of cameras can now be found, already installed, in many new cars and trucks.In its 2018 Automotive Trends Report, Google stated that searches for onboard cameras were on an upward trend.

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In fact, the search volume for onboard cameras was three times as large as the search volume for autonomous driving, Google reported.

Many people buy in-car cameras for driving support, according to Google.