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If a user gets annoyed or bored with their boyfriend, shaking their phone will cause the man on the screen to stumble and fall down — a bizarrely ruthless demonstration of the human-robot status quo.

There are dozens of these romantic chatbots on the App Store.

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You will never need to be alone any longer or hold off from pleasure.

As a result, decent romance bots perform only specific functions, such as Microsoft's Ruuh, which can send you loving messages throughout the day and supports some chit-chat; Dancing Miki, a 3D date who will dance around and change outfits on command; and the "Honey, It's Me!

" app, popular in Korea, which features girlfriends you can schedule one-sided robo-calls with.

None of them are very convincing; in fact, most are outright creepy.

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When bots, even highly sophisticated ones, attempt to improvise with new information, their phrases tend to deteriorate into absurdist broken telephone, as demonstrated by Michael's "stereo systems" pickup line.Every Artificially Intelligent Robot Companion Sex Doll looks and feel like your real woman should.